Fake Rolex Batman GMT-Master II Watch: 116710BLNR vs. 126710BLNR

In the past few years, the fake Rolex has presented a new stainless steel sports watch to the Basel World, which quickly became the most desirable (and impossible to achieve) watch on the planet. This year, the new watch that lets everyone run to their nearest authorized retailer is the updated “Batman” GMT-Master II reference 126710BLNR – now has a silver enamel bracelet. However, the black and blue Batman GMT is not a new watch, first appeared in the Rolex replica catalog (as Reference 116710BLNR) back in 2013. So, what’s new in the updated reference 126710 Batman GMT-Master II?

Rolex GMT-Master II Replica

The Bracelet:

The most obvious update that comes with the New Reference 126710 Batman GMT-Master II Replica is its new silver enamel bracelet. Although the previous ref. 116710 GMT-Master II uses a stainless steel oyster bracelet, the new version only provides silver enamel. In addition, as of 2019, the stainless steel Rolex GMT-Master II watch does not have the oyster bracelet option; the Batman and Pepsi versions now only sell silver enamel bracelets.

Although the bracelet is significantly different on the new ref. 126710 Batman GMT-Master II, the buttons mounted on the two bracelets are almost identical. Both bracelets are equipped with Rolex Oysterlock safety clasps, which use Rolex’s Easylink comfort extension system, allowing users to quickly increase (or reduce) the bracelet’s circumference by 5mm.

Batman GMT-Master II Replica

Swiss ETA Movement

While the previous reference 116710 Batman GMT-Master II was powered by the Replica Rolex Caliber 3186 Movement, the new ref. 126710 received the Caliber 3285 – fake Rolex’s latest generation of internal GMT movements based on its new and improved Chronology escapement.

You know Rolex replica guarantees the same timing performance for both sports (+/- 2 seconds per day), the higher efficiency offered by Chronology escapement allows the Caliber 3285 to have a power reserve of 70 hours, which is better than the 50-caliber 3186’s hourly power reserve. In addition to longer reserves, the Swiss ETA Movement 3285 also benefits from the use of Rolex’s Paraflex shock absorbers, which provide greater shock resistance for its oscillators. You know some famous copy watch brands come from the designer replica watches UK Online Store.

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The Case:

The new Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches may look the same as the previous generation, Rolex has actually reshaped its lugs slightly and looks slightly more refined. Still measuring 40 mm in diameter, the change to the case is minimal and may be overlooked for all but the most observed – especially without reference 116710 Batman GMT-Master II in hand side-by-side comparison.

Slightly different from the case at the ref. 116710BLNR, the redesigned enclosure on the new Batman GMT-Master II is identical to the one used on the ceramic Pepsi GMT-Master II debuted last year. According to all definitions of the term, it can still be classified as a “super case” and the redesigned GMT-Master II case is still significantly thicker than the case used in the old Rolex GMT-Master Replica with the aluminum baffle.

The Dial Signature:

Aesthetically, the dial mounted on the new reference 126710BLNR is almost identical to the dial of the previous generation Batman GMT-Master II. However, the dial signature below the 6 o’clock position has been slightly updated on the new version. On the new ref. 126710 Batman GMT-Master II replica watches, Rolex added a small crown badge (Copy Rolex Logo) between the words “Swiss Made”, which appears directly below the 6 o’clock mark.

In addition to the signature update this time, the two dials are identical in other respects. Both are considered “Maxi Dials” with larger hour markers and are all finished with Rolex’s proprietary chromatic luminescent material to provide long-lasting blue light.

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Despite being a slightly updated version of the former Batman GMT-Master II comes from the Replica Watches UK shop, the new Ref. 126710BLNR is easily accessible from Basel World’s 2019 most popular watch and has sparked a long waiting list at the dealer’s morning, it announced. While the most important update takes the form of the new Caliber 3285 campaign, the silver enamel bracelet installed on the new reference 126710BLNR gives the watch a distinctly different overall look and feel – although the rest of the watch’s shape and feel are relatively minor.

Rolex Batman GMT-Master II 116710 Vs. 126710

Rolex Batman GMT-Master II 116710 VS 126710

Overall, the biggest differences between the ref. 116710 and the ref. 126710 Batman GMT-Master II watches are the movements and bracelets that fit them. While the updated reference 126710BLNR does provide an increased power reserve over its predecessor, the different aesthetics offered by the Jubilee Bracelet can be said to be a more important factor to consider buying Batman Greenwich Mean Time.

Finally, the two Rolex Batman GMT-Master II replica watches keep the time of fewer than 2 seconds per day, both of which represent the most desirable and sought-after timepieces on the planet. Our advice? Buy your favorite Batman!